I love what I do, you maybe hear that a lot in the world of weddings but for me it is absolutely true. I love the intensity of a wedding day from the huge anticiption to the peaceful ceremony then onto the party.

Being able to then take that day home with me and make films that couples will cherish for years is the ultimate honour.

Joshua Brown

Joshua Brown

I grew up in a small town near Ottawa Ontario in a super close family. One of three kids who for most of the year live on three seperate continents but still speak every day. I fell into the wedding world while

in university and haven't known any professional occupation outside of weddings. I enjoy capturing the little often unseen moments on a wedding day. The little glances when no one is looking,

I enjoy vintage shopping and have a large collection of vintage cameras, lenses and video games that I have sourced all over Canada, Thailand and Japan. I love small obscure facts and trivia. I dislike cilantro and when people start their wedding speeches with "for those of you who don't know me", not sure why that bugs me but I cringe every time.